Take a stand against climate change with sustainable printing.

It’s not just a #buzzword. Environmental sustainability is one of the most important questions of the 21st century. How do we grow a business and not, you know, completely destroy the earth? Now’s your chance to have a transformational impact by choosing sustainable ways to print your labels.

“Finding ways to support our communities is central to who we are, but this goes beyond just the local communities we serve. Environmental sustainability a primary focus for all of us! We’re extremely proud to offer a growing range of sustainable options to make your products more eco-friendly. We are deeply passionate about making a difference and leading this important change in our industry.”

Gerald Chang
Managing Partner, Summit Labels


Help us make the world a better place by making your next project more eco-friendly!

Cut your carbon with eco-friendly stock

Go beyond your standard stock and choose from the following options:

Recycled: We’ve got options that are made of 100% post-consumer waste (PCW). These materials work great for labels thanks to their serious wet-strength capabilities. We also carry FSC-certified stock.

Tree-free: You don’t even need to cut down trees to get your labels. Use stone paper or cane sugar paper instead to leave far less of an impact on our environment.

Compostable: The crème de la crème when it comes to sustainability. Compostable labels (and adhesives) are made of biodegradable materials, equating your product’s ecological footprint to minimal.

Take it easy on the earth with our
digital printers

Get your labels printed with our HP Indigo digital press. Here are some reasons that it’s green (and great):

Cuts waste and set-up time

Green leaf-certified

Carbon-neutral manufacturing

Uses eco-friendly Electrolink

Crush carbon emissions with
Electric Vehicle delivery

To help reduce our carbon emissions, we’ve partnered with Move Electric, a local courier company with a fleet comprised exclusively of electric vehicles. This means 100% of our local, Metro Vancouver, deliveries will be carbon-neutral and certified-awesome.

We’re proud to print sustainable labels
for products in these industries


Our free (yes, free!) material sample packs get the job done. No contracts, no PO, no commitment of any kind, just quality labels. Because we believe you should feel nothing but good about placing your order.