More content for less with peel off labels

Welcome to a world where you can put as much content on a label as you want (and the CFIA requires) without sacrificing design. ‘What is this magic?’ you gasp. Why it’s peel back technology and we have finally managed to harness this power for the Canadian label market. We are the only label makers in all of Canada to have this tech (and only the 2nd in North America) so when we say this is cutting edge, we mean it!

Because more
is better.

Our new machinery means we’re leaner, faster, and better than the rest. Now we’re itching to back those claims up. So If you’re considering a new kind of Charlie in the Chocolate factory-style contest, struggling with too much text on a teeny tiny label, or just want to try something sleek and different - we can build something truly special together.


  • Double Peel Backs
  • Triple Peel Backs
  • Variable Data Peel Backs
  • Peel Off Labels
  • Wrap Around Labels

Peel off label articles
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Our free (yes, free!) material sample packs get the job done. No contracts, no PO, no commitment of any kind, just quality labels. Because we believe you should feel nothing but good about placing your order.