Fluorescent Labels

From clubs, blacklight posters, and modern art to the shelves––neon has made it to labels. Canada’s first ultra-premium, digital fluorescent labels, these inks are seriously eye and light-catching in fluorescent pink, yellow, orange, and green. Vibrant during the daylight and fire under the blacklight, these inks bring it in a whole new colour spectrum. Calling the bright, the bold, and the trendsetters, it’s time to express yourself in full colour, baby.

Unleash The Ink

You know us as the techno experts and penultimate innovators. So are you surprised HP has chosen us to be the only Canadian label printer in their fluorescent inks beta test? We weren’t. If we believe in one thing, it’s vibrant ideas and even brighter designs. If it was good enough for Andy Warhol, after all…

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